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Efrain Rodriguez

Efrain Rodriguez, a prophet from Puerto Rico, is the bearer of a very important prophecy of a massive asteroid that will soon strike in the Caribbean, killing millions and stopping the rotation of the earth for three days.  Efrain speaks against the sins of the nations of the western hemisphere in a manner almost identical to the manner of the Old Testament prophets who spoke the word of the Lord against the sins of Israel and surrounding nations. Efrain was a Jonah who was shown this vision as a boy and ran from God for decades in hope of avoiding having to speak of what he had been shown.  Finally, with totally broken health, Efrain yielded to the call on his life to carry this word to the world.  Today he takes the Asteroid Prophecy to heads of state and to the body of Christ like this appearance on The Prophecy Club.  Efrain was incorrect when he released this Prophetic Declaration that the asteroid will hit by the end of 2014 but I believe the prophecy is from God and he just needs some fine tuning as a prophet and the event will happen eventually.