Rosicrucian Nation

Did you ever wonder how America, the supposedly great christian nation, turned into a nation of sodomites and murderers of the unborn and all manner of filthy things from the pit of hell? Did you ever wonder how it could be that somewhere on the order of 80% of America calls, or used to call itself Christian yet there is increasing lack of true, biblical Christian virtue in the culture? There are may reasons but let's focus on one of the very core ones.

One of the biggest reasons for our national godlessness is that we were never truly a completely Christian nation to begin with but rather a Rosicrucian nation to a very great extent. The land and the people of America have a covenant with God that came from the Pilgrim Fathers but not the Founding Fathers. Very few Americans understand that the original American government was designed and formed to be an occult nation, a Rosicrucian nation. Rosicrucianism is a satanic cult that pretends to be Christian. Members of this cult may go to church, read the bible, quote the bible, even pretend to practice scriptural principles but it is a satanic cult at its core, with its real roots ancient Egyptian mysticism. America was the brainchild of a man named Sir Francis Bacon. Bacon was the Prime MInister in the court of Queen Elizabeth and he is the one who dreamt up America and began the plan for the nation to be formed.  He was an incredible genius who also developed the "scientific method" that has been used for centuries now. Bacon was a Rosicrucian and likely was also the head of the Rosicrucian order in England, a highly secretive and powerful cult.  He got his incredible 'wisdom' from the demonic realm having been mentored in the ways of darkness by Dr. John Dee who had a 'great breakthrough' in contacting the fallen angels and receiving their evil 'wisdom.'  Bacon's dream was of America to be "The New Atlantis", a resurrection of the ancient pre-flood occult culture of fallen angel 'wisdom' and technology.

Now, in fairness, the formation of the government wasn't 100% bad, some of the Founding Fathers were good men, like Washington and Jefferson, and were able to include some good things in the formation of the original government, let us not forget that. But researchers who examine these matters with integrity, men like Dr. Tom Horn and Christian Pinto (please check them out on Youtube), estimate that perhaps as many as 44 out of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were members of 'illuminated fraternities'(aka Satanic cults) such as the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons and the Illuminati. Bacon was dead by then but these men were well indoctrinated in his plans to create the New Atlantis and they formed America with that as the intent: evil, diabolic, occult intent. So throughout our history as a nation there has been an underlying struggle between the people of God, who are under the covenant of God inherited from the Pilgrim Fathers, and the servants of darkness who are walking out Bacon's dream, whether they know it or not. Bacon would be thrilled if he saw us today, it is well along the lines of what he wanted: darkness calling itself 'progress.'

Because of God's faithfulness to the covenant we have from the Pilgrim Fathers, we are destined to by God to become a truly Christian nation, even in the government.  God has promised that he Will Heal America  and Return Us to Our Original Purpose. But in order to make it there we need to repent of these tares-among-the-wheat evil roots in our government and culture. The vast majority of American believers are in a deep state of self-imposed ignorance about these things, even some of our very finest leaders. We need to wake up and smell the coffee about our ugly governmental roots and do some very serious generational repentance work to clean it up. The old ostrich head-in-the-sand act that we have been doing so far has only got us in worse trouble. We are being judged by a Holy God who, in the end, cannot indefinitely tolerate sin in his people, no matter how loving and patient he is. In order to get on track we need to acknowledge our Rosicrucian occult roots and repent of them. God is eager to forgive us and cleanse us of these sins and restore us to a state of health better than anything we have ever had as a nation. But it will not happen before we own what we have been doing and sincerely repent for ALL of it.

Obviously, this area of national sin is not the only thing we need to repent of as a nation, but it is one of the most foundational roots of the tree of sin, rebellion and darkness in our nation and thus it has been a gateway sin to much of the others that have followed. Please pray about these matters I speak of. Pray for confirmation that it is true if you cannot accept it at face value. Ask the Lord to lead you in how to pray to do your part in breaking this deep demonic stronghold in our government and culture. PRAY PRAY PRAY!

(PRAYER) Abba, Father we come before your awesome throne in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, your Only Begotten Son, whom we declare as God in the flesh and King over all creation. We seek repentance and forgiveness and cleansing for our national sin, us and our fathers before us.  We come before you in prayer, humbly, as the prophet Daniel did in Daniel 9, to confess the sins of our generation and previous ones. Lord, we Cry Out For America, confessing the sins of the Founding Fathers and their occult intent to build a nation based on Rosicrucian, false Christianity and occult values, a nation that would develop into 'The New Atlantis." We confess all the sins of the Founding Fathers: Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and Illuminati: blood oaths to Lucifer as God, human sacrifice,  sodomy, murder and witchcraft, sorcery, false religion and the corrupt use of laws from the throne of iniquity(Psalm 94:20). Forgive us, Lord!! We confess Our National Idolatry and how we have worshiped our nation as these men wanted us to: pridefully and arrogantly calling ourselves "the greatest nation in the history of earth" when your Word clearly tells us that your favorite people and nation is Israel. We confess how we have worshiped our government, looking to it and putting our trust in it to solve all our problems instead of trusting in you. Lord, we have been a very proud and rebellious people, just as those men who formed our government were. Forgive us Lord! Let the blood of Jesus wash away these ugly sins and cleanse us make make us whole! Please break the curses that have fallen on us because of these unrepentant sins and restore us to the covenant we have with you because of the godliness of our Pilgrim Fathers, whose memory we honor. And we thank you for the good men that were among our Founding Fathers who wanted a godly nation and were able to help provide some holy influence in the formation of the government. Lord, give us a New American Government  from heaven! One straight from your awesome throne, a pure one, the one you want, one that is not laced with rebellion that leads to a flood of dissipation, as we have today. Forgive us, Abba, Father, forgive us and restore us! Show us how to build a new government that we may live in obedience to you. Amen. Hallelujah!!

Steve Pursell, 7/3/16