About The Author

Hi, I'm Steve Pursell, the author of the New American Government essay featured here on this site.  First let me honor the Lord Jesus Christ for his goodness to me all of my life.  By his grace, I am the poet here at Godpoems and a Co-Founder of a children's ministry, Lion of Judah Homes For Children.   I am also a part-time personal trainer by my university training and have a very part time training business, Temple Body Fitness.   As for who I am as a servant of God I want to say that, although this document is very prophetic and is the fruit firstly of prophetic revelation from God and after that study of the scriptures, I do not claim to be prophet.  I believe that there is a prophetic calling and gifting and some function that way on my life but that only makes a prophet-in-training and not yet a True Prophet Of God in God's eyes or anyone who is truly mature in Christ.

The journey to the formation of this document is a long one.  The first glimmer of the revelation about God's ways of government fell out of my lips prophetically without any forethought one day in Tucson, Arizona, USA somewhere in the 1994-1996 window of time.  I was discussing politics with a man at a park near my house there and he began to rail about a certain societal problem and how we needed to get some more laws to fix that problem.  I opened my mouth and said, "Well, you will not solve the problem with laws because you cannot legislate the hearts of men."  I had never had that thought before it popped out of my mouth that day.  It came with such authority that the man dropped his jaw and totally reconsidered his whole point of view and realized all his thinking about this matter was flawed.  I did not realize it at the time but reflecting on it in later years I know it was the Lord speaking and it was the beginning of this journey.  This basic revelation that laws do not really help as much as we all have been conditioned to think they do was foundational to this work.   In the next few years after that I began to see in the scriptures how God's desire was for people to live the one law of love and be free of these man-made laws that cannot bring righteousness.

The next major stage of the journey came in about December of 2001.  I was in bad shape spiritually and in jail and facing sentencing.  But then God gave me a great breakthrough and brought me back from the brink of utter ruin.  I was then very alive spiritually and was doing some intense fasting and praying ann seeking God.  During this period he showed me many things prophetically, including that there would be a change in the American government.  He did not give me any specific details on it at this time but just that there would be a new authority structure that would be much better than the one we have had in America so far.  Once the revelation was given to me the door was open to see how the scriptures point to this government.  I believe he did not show me more details prophetically because he wanted me to search it out in scripture:

Proverbs 25:2
It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

My next nine years in and out of the prison system of California, USA gave me plenty of time to study scripture and I did my best to be faithful.  Not long after I had received the original revelation, as I was reading in Exodus 18 one day, I recognized that the System of Judges was the government he was speaking to me about.  Over the many years of study since then the Holy Spirit has highlighted the passages that are in keeping with the revelation, as referred to in the document.  The passages in 1 Samuel and of course Isaiah 1:26  and Psalm 94:20 have also helped form the original backbone of the scriptural support for the revelation.

Spending nine years in and out of the prison system of California, I learned intimately of the evils of how laws are used by men and how powerless laws are to stop evil from hurting society.  I saw and experienced first hand that in fact they only make it worse.  This experience too has been very contributory in the journey of writing this document.  As I have written, the Holy Spirit has given more revelation to flesh out certain details that are included.

I make the disclaimer tnat I do not pretend that what I have written is an adequately complete understanding of the government we are to build in the future.  It is simply the part that God has given to me to contribute to the greater picture:

1 Corinthians 13:9New King James Version (NKJV)
9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part.

I believe that if the American church will come Charging Out Of The Desert, with a Battle Cry in our heart and a Cry For America  on our lips for the next several years, then we will surely to make it to this goal.

I offer special thanks to my late spiritual father and mentor Jack Schisler, a true apostle, who planted in me a seed of true Kingdom life that I gladly can never be free of.

Thank you and God bless you.

-Steve Pursell, 12/26/14