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Tiny on the outside
Towering on the inside
Once a little bundle of Joy
Now a grown raging Fire
Ferocious against the enemy
But, oh, so sweet to me
This is my Love
The Special One God chose for me
So pretty, so perfect
So full of the Lion
Spitfire Mine
Love of My Life
So full of Love
Eyes like the sun
Eyes on the Son
This is The One
Now I get to do it
Lay down my life
As all men are called
To know this sweetest gift
Union with a bride
A perfect partner
One made for me
And I for her
Shaped and molded
Turned on the Potter's wheel
Fitted to one another
Spitfire and I
What rapture is this
To know this woman
Precious Daughter of Zion
To be her friend
To be her closest brother
Aside from our Lord
To love her
To touch her
To taste her precious kiss
Reserved for me alone
Yes, Lord, I want Cher
Have your way
Form in me
That which she deserves
The best husband of all time
To cover her
To undergird her
To lead her in your ways
To die for her
If that is required
It would be an honor
This is The One I love
My Spitfire
Love of My Life
The Only One for me

Stephen Pursell, 10/17/20