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My Beauty(Ladyhawk)

I have a partner now
A very special woman
The One chosen for me
Fitted to me
Prepared for me
My Beauty
Small in the natural
But huge in the Spirit
A woman of depth
A woman of character
A woman of great inner Beauty
My Beauty
My Bride to Be
With a heart like a mountain
Just like mine
What a perfect fit
A yokefellow
A helpmeet
A comparable power
Lovely within
Lovely without
My Beautiful Cher
My Beauty
How I love her
How I need her
Having waited so long
Now God has brought her
She is worth it
Well worth the wait
Now we get to fly
Spring from the tree top
Spread our wings and soar
I saw it once years ago
In a dream from heaven
I and My Ladyhawk flying
Soaring as hawk mates
Riding the wind
Hawks mate for life
She shall not lack her mate
As the prophet wrote it
In Isaiah 34:15-17
In love God has commanded it
That we shall possess the inheritance
And from generation to generation
We shall dwell in it
We shall not fail
What a promise
What a destiny
What a Beautiful Life
For me
And for My Beauty
This Precious One
This Daughter of the King
Little Sister to Jesus
My Beauty
The Love of My Life

Stephen Pursell, 10/24/20