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Man Child

 There is a new thing rising in the earth
A standard that the world cannot understand
A plan so grand in its scope and measure
It has taken ages to bring forth
Sons of God are being formed
Sons of Light to lead the way
Saviors out of Zion
Brothers to Jesus
Men and women overcoming
Walking over all sin
Walking over all sickness
Walking over all death
Terrifying the devil
Thrilling the angels and saints
The Man Child taking shape
The Bride giving birth to him
All creation groans to see it
The revelation of the sons of God
Now it will begin
Now watch it burst forth
Watch our God do it
For The Son has purchased it
He suffered for it
He deserves it
And he shall surely have it
It shall be counted unto him
A generation now to be born
Sons and daughters to rule
To reign forever with Jesus
To share in the government
Of the eternal Kingdom of Light
Many sons to Glory
Many Melchizedeks in this time
Many brothers to Jesus
Sons of the Living God
Earth, this is your desire
The thing for which you groan
Eagerly in expectation
Aching for this easy yoke
Now you will begin to have it
Let the sons of God come forth!

Stephen Pursell, 4/1/19