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So Good To Us

Thank you, my Abba, Father of Lights
The One who holds all things together
By your mighty and righteous right hand
Thank you for your love for my people
This nation that is called by your name
You have blessed us so richly
You have given us your covenant
Only blessed Israel have you favored more
What grace and mercy is ours
Because of your very great love
What kindness in your great heart
For us who live on this land
Thank you for choosing us to serve you
To be used by you to further your cause
How could we not want to serve you
When you have been so good to us
How you have blessed us
Watched over us so kindly
Given us victory over our enemies
Given us favor in the eyes of the world
Called us to be a City on a Hill
But now we have grieved your spirit
Sinned so greatly and rejected your ways
We have been serving your enemy
And breaking your soft, loving heart
Oh God, what have we done?
We have rejected blessing and peace
And run after lusts for our pleasure
Cheap thrills that do not fulfill
Oh God, have mercy upon us
Help us to repent for our sin
In your love now you have to judge us
To mercifully turn us from our ways
I thank you for your mercy in doing this
You are so kind even in judgment
Your goodness is so overwhelming
I thank you for your great love
That you are faithful to discipline us
That we may not continue in sin
And destroy ourselves altogether
Oh Abba, you are so good to us!
Please judge us with mercy
And lead us to repent
Please right the course of our ship
So that we can Return to Our Purpose
And fulfill the destiny for which you birthed us

Stephen Pursell, 9/23/17