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I Miss You

Where are you, love of my life?
I miss you
The one my heart yearns for like breath
The one who knows me
My secrets, my failures, my needs
Why have you left me?
What did I do?
Why can you not tell me?
When you have loved me
Your heart aching to be with mine
To share in the gift
Love’s sweet perfume
Knowing and being known
Seeking the depths
And sharing tenderness
My heart cries for you
As yours once did
Or did it?
Did you fool me?
Or did you love me?
Wanting to share all that you are
All that you have
All you can give
I miss you
I wish we could meet
I wish I could hear the music of your voice
Lovingly caught on a summer breeze
Kissing my cheek
Soothing me  and my tired heart
So lonely for so long
Searching for you so long
And once I found you
Aching to be with you
When you alone can really know me
Having stared into the eyes of my soul
And accepted me
Wanting me to forever be yours
Or so I thought
I miss you

Stephen Pursell, 8/30/16