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Looking Forward

Abba, I thank you
I see the path before me
A way opening ahead
I see you going before me
A place is being prepared
A home for the spirit
A Goshen
A city of refuge
There have been trying times
There will be many more
But now there will be family
Yokefellows to pull with
Friends to pray with
And break bread
From house to house
I see the Holy City
Your grace has carried me
Across the burning sand
Over the waterless desert
To the place of The River
The shallow streams left behind
Deep calls to deep now
Laying just ahead
This has been an incredible journey
You have called it so
Many times in your whispers
Your intimate dealings with me
Oh, my God how I thank you
How great is your mercy to me
That you have called me
To sojourn to the Holy City
And then carried me there
Supporting my feet on the way
I see it now just up ahead
And my pace quickens with hope
I look forward to supping with you
In this land of milk and honey
Where eagles dare
Where we wait on you
And renew our strength
In Zion, the mountain of the Lord
Surrounded by saints and angels
In the City of the Great King

Stephen Pursell, 7/11/16