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Like Fire

This is it
This is the time
All my life
Waiting for her
Wandering, thrashing about
Looking around
In all the wrong places
Waiting and longing
Aching within
Where is she?
Who is she?
How is she?
Now I know
This one
This one who loves me
This one who loves him
Seeking his heart
Wanting his life within
That is what I want
That is what I am made for
That is who she is
Like him
Full of passion and fury
Hating the evil
Seeking for the good
Wanting to give
Yearning to love
Dying to live
Hidden so long
Under the lying cloak
Not outwardly revealed
But known in heaven
Where her destiny burns
In the glorious heart
Of her mighty King
Fire and glory
That is what she is
Prophetess and princess
A hand or heart or eye
Of the fierce Warrior Bride
This is my Pamela
Hidden from the world
But illuminated to me
His light on her
Reflecting his glory
His work in her
His hand forging a weapon 
Fierce against the enemy
My helpmeet
Bone of my bone
Together to be one
Charging out of the desert
Sonship revealed
Captives going free
Terrifying the enemy
That is the call
“This one,” he said
“Take this one to you
Make her your own
To build my Kingdom, son
To give me children
Your seed, son
And mine”

Yes, Master
I have said Yes!
Give her to me
Let me love her
Love her like fire
Consuming all it touches
Love her like the wave
Ever returning
Love her like you do, Abba
Hot and bright
As a thousand suns
Give me Pamela, Abba
It is time!

Stephen Pursell, 8/25/16