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Eyes Full

Here I sit
Full of You
You in my heart
In my breath
In my eyes
A full day
Another under my belt
More of You
Seeing You work
Being part of You
A cell in Your body
Drinking You
You fill my eyes
Who else could?
For there is none like You
A beautiful sunset
Yet another
Kisses these full eyes
Having seen You
Working through me
Speaking to me
Including me
As so often You have
As part of Your amazing plan
How You fill me
Not standing in a stream
Not to my knees
Not to my waist
Not even swimming
But up to my eyes
Up from within
The Living Water flows
You fill me As only You can
I sit satisfied
So grateful for you
To be Your friend
When I am nobody
How do you do it?
No one compares to You
King Of Glory
Mighty One of Israel
Father to the fatherless
The One who stoops low
Who cares enough
For little ones like me
To fill my eyes
With indescribable Beauty

Stephen Pursell, 1/31/2016