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Your Best Friend

It’s all I want
There isn't anything else
How could there be?
What could ever be greater?
Someone will have it
You will bestow it on someone
Your right hand man
Your bosom buddy
Someone so near
Someone so dear
To your divine heart
So trusted, so needed
Someone so indispensable
The closest in your counsel
The one you share all with
The one you trust
Not that you don’t trust others
But the one you trust the most
Your sidekick
The one next to your throne
The one who will enjoy it
That greatest of honors
To serve you so closely
Forever at your right hand
So favored, so trusted
Oh, help me do it
Help me lay it all down
To give all to you
To be the closest one
On whose trusted shoulder
You would lay you weary head
When your heart is heavy
Mighty King, Beautiful Savior
Let me hold you
Let me console you
Let me bear you up
I want it, I want you
You’re alI I want
It’s everything
To serve at you right hand
Closer to you than any other
Waiting on your pleasure
Let me do it
Let me be the one
For my heart will break
If I alone cannot be
What you are to me
So precious beyond words
Ever faithful, ever kind
I’ll never cease to want it
To be among all men
To be your most valuable servant
To be your very best friend

Stephen Pursell, 3/31/16