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You Alone (Song of the Bride)

Oh, Lord Jesus
Glorious Mighty King
God of all creation, we worship you 
You are so great, who is like you?
In the heavens and the earth 
Who can compare to you?
Your matchless beauty and wonder
Ever we have sought for someone
One as beautiful as you
And never found it outside of you
But you have searched us out
You have claimed us
You have made us your own
We are your Bride
And you are our portion
You are our heart's desire
We love you!
And as you gave your life for us
So we give you our lives
Lives that you first gave us
So do with them as you will
No matter the cost, Lord!
Come overwhelm our hearts
Do with us as you please
That we may run after you
And make ourselves to be
The pure and spotless Bride
That you have always deserved
We give you all the praise
The honor and the glory
For you are our treasure
Hidden in the field
Our pearl of great price
Our Perfect Bridegroom
You alone!
Are worthy to be praised
So Beautiful an Awesome God
One ever selfless
And beyond searching out

Stephen Pursell, 9/24/15