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What A Creator

I don't have to go far
Around every corner it greets me
Always stunning and deep
The contemplation of this beauty
This awesome place
This home you made for us
All I have to do
Is take a look around
Or gaze overhead
Especially at night
And it stirs me within
A cry bursts forth in my belly
To tell you what you already know
But I just have to say it
Lord look what you did!!
How awesome you are, Mighty God!
The works of your hands are so beautiful!!
And you have only just begun
To fill this already amazing universe
With your inestimable beauty!!
You will never stop doing it
It will go on forever and ever!
For truly there is no plumbing
The depth of your beauty
Your glory, your majesty!!
For all this is a reflection of you
And you yourself are limitless
Infinite in your magnificence
Beyond searching out
King of Creation!!!
We worship you
How do you make such beautiful things?
Teach me how to do it
You have given me the same power
Words that create
Teach me to harness it like you
Speak life and beauty like you
Create with you
To be a son to my Abba
A brother of my Lord
Mighty God
Teach me your ways

Stephen Pursell, 10/16/15