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My True Brother

Let me tell you about my brother
Oh, I have lots of brothers
But I mean the one I have always had
The one I share a family with
A childhood of beautiful memories
Climbing trees, riding bikes
Broken stopwatches, broken chains
And a different kind of horsepower
Do these things make no sense to you?
Well, they will to him
And today as this poet sits to write
What that man thinks and feels
Is all that really matters
We have shared much joy
Much singing and laughter
Much search and exploration
And a long journey of pain
A journey on which he has shined
Shown himself magnificent
So brave and true
Ever faithful, ever caring
Always hoping, always loving
Always praying, always believing
This is my brother true
Though he said it first of me
Today it is I who say of him
"My brother is a kingly man"
What a fine cut of a man
What a warrior true
Oh we have disagreed
Mightily at times
At times I have felt cut to the bone
But so has he
And more than that
Always rumbling beneath
A beauteous fire endures
The truth of this man
Remains and blesses this world
And ever in his heart
Only has he carried within
The very best intent
And today I salute him
This stellar man of integrity
Who loves beyond his pain
And reaches across the gulf
Never thinking of himself
But only seeking to love
Asking only to be loved
What a prince of a man
How honored am I
That our Father
Saw fit to send me
Into this beautiful world of His
To be the brother
Of a man so fine
So full of love and grace
My brother true
My hat is off to you

-Stephen Pursell, 1/24/15