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Oh what an awesome God you are
How can I but contemplate you
Your unfathomable greatness
As I sit on the deck with a full belly
Of tasty wholesome food
With the wild turkeys nearby
Rustling in the foliage
The bats swooping about
As the pursuit doomed insects
And ducks flying overhead
Coming from the valley to the west
Headed for the lake up the road
I view the most unbelievable sunset
Your brush strokes on the canvas
The west alight with your perfection
Oh how you move me
Mighty God
Your world is so beautiful
I wonder at your artistry
As now I hear another sound
Another buck has come to visit
Scraping his antlers on a sapling
How did you make this world?
How ever do you do it?
Such splendor and majesty
Such breathtaking mastery of design
You are so great
How can I but be in awe
Ever amazed at your grandeur
The work of your hands so perfect
The art of your creation
All alive and in motion
So flawless in design
To you, oh Master be glory
For the way you stun the senses
Ever new and fresh
Yet ever familiar and deeper
Thank you for this planet
And for letting me call it home
Where you have determined to rest
Your throne in Jerusalem forever
The center of time and all love
You've done it again
You're ever the master
The universe your canvas
As you paint life forever
With all the brilliant hues
Of your own inestimable beauty

Stephen Pursell, 10/8/15