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I Remember You

I remember you
Tiny little package of spitfire
Daughter of Thunder
All feminine power and beauty
Wrapped up together
In a glorious little bundle
Of fierce warrior princess
Sword of the Spirit in hand
You are here
Sitting next to me now
Touching my forearm and knee
Looking me over
You don't even know
The river you excite within
It is all I can do not to reach out
Take your face in my hands
And kiss you
Right here in front of every one
Lovely little one, tell me
What is in your heart?
What is it you are wondering?
As your eyes search me
Is your question being answered?

All this time I have remembered you
Almost two decades
Pretty long for those our age
Now do I get to know you?
This is my desire
I cannot say how many exactly
But there have been times
All down through these years
I have presented you
Before our Abba
Holding you tenderly
Before his awesome throne of grace
Wishing you well
Wondering how you were
Hoping you were healed
Wanting all the best for you
It came again recently
Strong and sweet it was
Not four months ago
A prayer from my heart"
"Lord, remember her
Powerful little prophetess
Somebody's Esther
Someone's Deborah
Heal her and bless her
Keep her strong
Watch over her children
Give her the morning star"

Your son whom I romped with
Now a young man
How the years have flown
Dusty and hard were they for me
Full of bitter steel and harsh words
But now I am here
In the company of Feminine grace
Sitting and looking at you
Admiring again your beauty
And so I remember
Why it was I remembered you
I like what I see
Both the inside and out
Lots of power and beauty
A heart that seeks the truth
The Most Beautiful One is in you
I love what he is doing there
Making you his lioness
With teeth and claws
Bared against the enemy
Ready to fight for truth
This journey of pain and struggle
Through which he is carrying you
Has forged in you even more strength
It is lovely and calls me again
As it did from the you I remember
But could not reach at that time
Yet here you are again looking at me
Maybe this time it will happen
Maybe this time
I can have it
That distinct honor I sought once before
Maybe now
I get to be your friend

Stephen Pursell, 3/24/15