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"Skeye" Kitty (My Sweetie)

My exquisite little friend
"Skeye,"  for sky blue eyes
So full of love and sweetness
"Skeye" blue eyes to melt the heart
Beautiful little fur ball
"Bird Bones," Dad called her
The most precious little creature
Sent from heaven above
Sent for me to love
And to love me
Ever so much
For nineteen years
My best little buddy true
My "Skeye" kitty has left me
Moved on to her Father's embrace
So brave in her passing
Trying to comfort me to the end
Her weak and silent meows
Breaking my heart
Fighting to live
Only wanting to love me another day
She had saved my life
In a very dark time years ago
A time when no one could reach me
Every night she came to comfort me
She snuggled next to my broken heart
And poured the warmth of her love
Into my aching breast
And I survived
So amazing a little creature
Loved and admired by all
Who could but see her perfection
But she chose me
"Skeye" blue eyes only for me
She came and befriended me
When she had no one
And charmed me beyond words
Delighted me with her grace
Backflips like a gymnast
Leaps like a ballerina
Bounding to meet me
As the rumble of my old pickup
Announced my arrival home
So precious
So beyond words in her sweetness
My little sweetie
So beloved, so missed
The house so empty without her
Ever will she be adored in my heart
This extraordinary little friend
Who loved her tuna juice
Her sunshine, her water games
Her boxes, her naps
Her romps up and down the hall
Who gave me more
Than I could ever express
The words would fill a library
And still pale
Next to the reality of her perfection
So sweet, so brave, so true
So fearless, and strong
Five and a half pounds
And could run off
A big mean tomcat
But oh so full of love
Comforting me always in my pain
Even when growing old and ill
Only thinking of me
Bon voyage my sweetie
I have commended you
Into the arms of the Man Of Beauty
Whose you always were more than mine
And who can love you better than I
How can I say how grateful I am
To you for your love
For your tireless devotion to me
Your patience with my failures
How grateful I am
That the The Most Beautiful One
The King Of Glory himself
Has jealously sought your company
And come to gather you unto himself
Taking your precious little spirit
From this undeserving world
As you died so bravely in my arms
Cozy in front of the fire
Where you so loved to nap
You are in his arms now
To hold for me until that day
When we meet again in Glory
And carry on our love for one another
What a joy it will be to see you again
And hold you next to the heart
To which you so fully gave yourself
To protect and heal
From the beauty within you
From your humble station
In God's great creation
My sweetie, I love you
You are the best earthly friend
I ever, ever had
Ever will I carry you
Adored and beloved in my heart

Stephen Pursell, 1/27/15