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My King

So what then do I say?
How do I pen it?
A King so Beautiful
Not merely everlasting
But predating that
So grand in scope
That the things we are awed with
Things so great to men
The mighty mountains
The vastness of the sea
The unfathomable depth of the expanse
The wonder of the planets in motion
The moon and the stars
Countless galaxies and solar systems
Are miniscule to you
So small and inconsequential
Next to the greatness of your person
That you simply thought them into being
And control everything about them
With absolutely no effort
What words?
I cannot say it
I whom you have gifted to write
Fumble for the words to speak of you
How is it
That One so great as you
Creator of all things
Could bow yourself so low
As to be become a helpless babe?
To be diapered and burped
Nestled at a mother's breast?
How could you do it?
What is in your mind?
Oh, you have written some of it, I know
A Bride, sons to the Father
Brothers to the King
But still I know it is greater
That is only the part
You have chosen to unveil so far
But forever we will explore
Never will we plumb the depths of you
Only ever higher
Deeper in the folds of your greatness
My God and King how I want you
Nothing can replace you in my heart
I am captured in the thought of you
The dream of being your friend
Serving next to you forever
Being your most trusted brother
How can I achieve it?
How do I pay the price it takes?
Give you the all it requires
To know you as no one else has
Only to know you
Ever to be moving closer
Coming deeper into your chamber
Filling with you and pouring it out
What is your secret?
How can I be let in?
To seek you as you deserve
Lay it all down time and again
My King, I want you
You are the Pearl of Great Price
Nothing can fill the void
That being without you creates
You are my Master
The One with your hand in the lock
So now let me come out to pursue you
Run through the streets
Your name alone on my lips
Catching the watchmen and asking
"Have you seen the One my heart loves?"
Mighty God!
King Of Glory!
Let this be the cry of my heart
To seek you with all that is in me
That you would know your desire
A Bride that truly deserves you
Whom you have deserved for so long
No longer the wretch that you died for
But righteous and pure
Without spot or wrinkle
Your helpmeet
Madly in love with her King

Stephen Pursell, 6/8/15