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My God

Oh, my God
My indescribably Glorious King
My Guardian and Friend
Provider and Protector
The Lover of my soul
Ancient of Days
Rose of Sharon
Lily of the Valley
Fairest of Ten Thousand
Bright Morning Star
Lion of Judah
Prince of Peace
Unconquerable King
Lord of Hosts
Mighty One of Israel
Victor over the mightiest army
Spoiler of every evil plan
Conqueror, King of Kings
To you, oh Lord, I lift up my soul
Carry me ever upward into Your heights
Through your gates of splendor
Into the courts of the King
Let me ever see Your face
To be rapt in Your beauty
Undone in Your Glory
And feel Your breath upon me
Who is like You, oh my God?!!
There is none like You!!
Oh that I might be Your very best friend
That I might be ever next to Your throne
Not for my glory
But just to be close to You
Ever to be able to gaze upon You
Forever as close as possible
And know the secrets of Your heart
For you are the captain of my heart
None can ever compare
None can compel me as You
To ever strive to know You more
Only to be found trusted of You
Let this be my Prayer Of Consecration
Take my life, do with it as You will
No matter the pain
No matter the cost
No matter humiliation
Anything to please You
To be your friend and confidant
There is no price too great
To gain your favor and trust
Do with me as You will
I am yours for the taking
Let me suffer with You
Let me die with You
Another turn on the anvil
Another spin on the potter's wheel
Another blast of the refiner's fire
Do whatever You need to
To make me the son and brother
That a King like You deserves

Stephen Pursell, 
minimal original: 1/11/04,
expanded and revised: 1/15/15