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Many Marys

Lord Jesus, I thank you
That you are showing your love
To the many Mary Magdalenes
The broken girls of the world
Hurt and looking for love
Who in their need of it
And in their confusion
Fell into lust and perversion
But only for awhile
And in the end
Only to be rescued by you
Always searching for love
They were lost  for awhile
Being used by the enemy
And men who did not honor them
Now coming home to you
Finding the love they sought for
And always wanted
That you always wanted to give them
Your eternal tenderness
So sweet, so deep
A bottomless ocean of love
The True Sea of Love
All your beauty and glory
Now rushing to fill them
Melting away the pain
Bringing hope and a future
And eternal destiny in you
So that one day
These Marys will stand before you
To account for their lives
And have much fruit to present to you
That you many in turn say
What they will so long to hear
“Well done good and faithful servant
Enter into the Joy of your Master”

Stephen Pursell, 10/12/15