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                               You didn't know me, really
                                Back when we met before
I don't know you well...yet
I remember how I used to watch you
I watched you move
Walking along
Holding your little son's hand
Your inner beauty shining around you
Your strong little figure
Your outer glory gracing our eyes
Mine in particular
From there, at a distance
I could not hear your voice
Though my ears sought to
But now, all these years later
I can hear your words
My knee feels your hand
And I see your picture
Of our Glorious King the Lion
And in them I see your heart
Fierce with love for our King
For he is mine as well
I feel the heartbeat you know
A love beyond all others
Beyond any that either of us
Could ever have for another
An unswervable loyalty, pure and perfect
The fact that you have it calls me
It's not just your stunning visage
Head to toe of Feminine glory
Outer beauty of a kind
That has always spoken to me
It's your heart that is evident in your eyes
In your smile, your words
Asking me for my idea
Of how you can tell the world
Of what this Beautiful Lover
Has done for your once aching heart
It moves me in my marrow
In a place long lonely
One longing to be known
One seeking birds of a feather
Swans to float with
Eagles to soar with
Lions to roar with
Dancers to war with
Poets to write with
Who are you?
This one who reaches out touch my arm
I see your beauty
And you have told me a little
But what about the rest of you?
The part I can't yet see?
What I have seen leads me to seek
You move to me
Your eyes have the Light I love
For he is my friend too
Tell me your story
How did you first find him?
Tell me more of your journey?
Can I tell you mine?
Out of the abundance of the heart
We speak
Your words betray you
In the most  beautiful way
A heart of beauty
A heart of love and courage
A heart that longs for truth within
Like Caleb: with a different spirit
You have what it takes
Only one like you could hold me
Esther on the outside
David within
Worshiping warrior that you have become
Over these years of desert
Giant killer you now are
How do I reach you?
I know One who knows you best
Over the years I have remembered
And sometimes prayed
That you would be whole
And I now I have asked him
For the Key To You
And, if he wills it
For strength and love
To serve and lead
Protect and love you
With unsearchable passion
Love like a supernova
Glorious and brilliant
Indescribably powerful
Selfless and pure
The way you deserve
As the Father's precious daughter
Lioness, prophetess
A sister the real Lion King
Daughter of Zion
Daughter of Thunder
Abba's Favorite Little Girl


                                 Stephen Pursell, 3/24/15