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To Be Like You

How do I be like you?
How do I love like that?
So selfless and perfect
Laying down your life
Giving your love to the hateful
Putting yourself in harm's way
So they can have a chance
Even if they won't ever take it
I want to burn like that
A thousand suns in my heart
Burning with love
To think not of my own need
To have none really
But only to be consumed
With the thought of another
One who does not have it
This dream of you in his heart
Oh to be like you
That is all I want
To pour out the cup
And know that peace
That only selflessness can bring
That death to the man
I made myself to be
That your life
May be all that I am
Let it be
Let it be if it cost me all
My teeth, my fingers...my eyes
What are they?
Next to an eternity with you?
Close to you
A friend by your side
A companion you trust
What else could I want?
That even comes close?
You are my portion
Come burn me
Let me be consumed
In the fire of knowing
Put a coal to my lips
And terrify me
If only for a better chance
To be more like you
So awesome in love
So unfathomable
In beauty and grace
Who shines like you?
King Of Glory

Stephen Pursell, 9/22/15