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Lay It Down

I think of you a lot
Not all the time
I have many other things to consider
But a lot, plenty
It's not idolatrous
I am no longer a kid
There is no fantasy
No impossibly grandiose dreams
Indeed just the opposite
There is honesty, simplicity
Awareness of the struggle
You are a Lioness
You have cubs to look after
That wouldn't be easy
But it is a beautiful thing
So I dream of serving you
Just wanting to lighten your load
Do something to contribute
To fill a gap in your busy life
Do the shopping, do the laundry
Cook, rub your feet
Drive the kids somewhere
Just wanting to hold you up
Give you some time to breathe
It's not about me
It never would be
That is the beauty of it
It is about you
It is about the children

Where does this come from?
Why do I talk this way?
Considering that I never have before
I will tell you
I felt it when you sat next to me
You looked me over
You touched me
It's simple
It's gentle and breezy and sweet
It's tender and selfless
It's peaceful and wondrous
But not glitzy and showy
It's a simple ember
I watch it, I stir it
I wonder if you will blow on it
To bring it to a flame
I like it, I want it
I intend to keep it
As long as you let me
It simply  is this
You move me
You always have

Stephen Pursell, 3/26/15