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In His Hands

Oh, I have been down the road
Plenty of twists and turns
Trying this and that
Dabble in those things
‘Experiment’ in the others
There is a panoply of ‘options' out there
But what is the end of it?
Do all roads lead to Rome?
Well, what is your definition of Rome?
If it is peace then the answer is clear
A deep, resounding “NO!!”
‘There are many ways to God!’
What a crock
No, The Man said it himself
“Narrow is the gate to life”
Man, is it narrow
Even those who want it find it elusive
And what about those who don’t?
The Disciples said it well:
“Who then can be saved”
But, oh I have been blessed
What a glorious journey I have walked
Thanks to Him
The countless miracles of salvation
Kept alive through so many dangers
Too many to count
And here I stand
Still kicking
Not by my power
Only Grace
Amazing Grace
Too great to describe
Oh Abba, how can I thank you
How great is your love for me
Ever will I sing of it
Penning it the best I know how
Your indescribable Beauty
Your matchless Grace
Overwhelming Love
Unfathomable Mercy
I love you, my God
I do not have the words
You have gifted me with words
But I am mute to describe it
Thank you, thank you, Abba
How can I say to you
The love that is in my heart
I know you will never lose me
For you are greater than all
And nothing can ever snatch me
From out of your Mighty Hand
For my King has bought me
With his very life’s blood
He owns me
Jealously he watches over me
And he will not give me up

Stephen Pursell, 2/28/15