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Guard Your Garden

Precious daughter
Draw aside and sit with me awhile
Let me give you wise counsel for your life
Let a father’s voice ring in your ear
One that knows your needs
One that cares for you
Who wants to guide you well
And lead you in ways of life and blessing
You want to be loved
It is good that you do
You do not ever have to give that up
But you must be careful
For not all that calls itself love
Is really the love you seek
There is a man who would come to you
He would tell you that he loves you
And he would seem to
He would do many things for you
He would seem to meet your need
But he would also take from you
Robbing your most precious gift
He would seek to touch you
Before he has given you his life
This should not be so
God did not make it this way
You deserve better
For the way that our Creator made it
The way of a man and a maid
Is for the man to lay down his life for you
To give up himself
Committing before God and man
To love and protect you all of his days
And count you more precious than himself
Only then will he avail himself of your love
Of that intimate touch from your body
Your most precious gift to him
That is how it was meant to be
And there is no man
Who deserves that gift
Without honoring you first
With his marriage vow
And the offering of his life
As an act of his love
Only that man who does
Is worthy of partaking of your gift
The sweet offering of your body
In tenderness and surrender
So guard your garden, daughter
Keep it for the one
Who gives up his life for you
Then you will know true love
Real and sweet
Tender and blessed by your King

Stephen Pursell, 8/23/15