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My Father's House

There is a Remnant in the Land
A band of pilgrims
The faithful few
Abraham’s 318
Gideon’s 300
Elijah’s 7,000
Soldiers with calloused knees
Trudging across the desert
In search of the Holy City
Christian City behind them
Churchianity dead to them
The burning sand underfoot
But brilliant gold ahead
Studded with priceless jewels
Behold, The Holy City!
These are David’s mighty ones
Rebuilding his tabernacle
The ones with fire in the belly
Jealous for the House of God
Just like their King
The Master who leads the way
The One who wove the whip
Laid it to the back of the Pharisees
Turned over the many tables
That cluttered the holy house
Tables piled high with filthy lucre
He is the One with fire in his eyes
The One who deserves a Bride
A fierce Warrior Princess
The Terror of the Nations
She who runs after him
Pursuing him as he deserves
For only he is worthy
For he is the One who says it
“My Father’s House
Will be called a House of Prayer”

Stephen Pursell, 4/18/15