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Family Man

You said it last night
Such welcome words
Words that are in my bones
For all my life
And how great is your timing
On the eve of my despair
Crying out to you
Exhausted in the waiting
Longing for companionship
Aware of my need
The reality of what you said
So long ago now
“It is not good
For man to be alone”
But now you have an answer
Your word comes like a breeze
Rushing in on the wind of the night
Blowing across this desert
This thirsty land where I dwell

Within and without
All for full of your light
Liquid gold and amber
Love in tangible form
Felt and strong
Yet invisible to the natural eye
How I need this reassurance
For it is nearly two decades now
Since you first said it
That I would indeed marry
And the time since
The reminders have at times
Almost seemed torturesome
Due to the length of that wait
But you are the One who is true
So again I dare to believe you
Thank you for this promise
That I will finally know a union
One flesh in your Spirit
And little ones who come with it
As you have spoken before
The voice from the throne says it
Clear and undeniable in reality
The Word himself has spoken
Stretched across the gulf
And soothed my aching heart
And now you say that I am
A family man

Stephen Pursell, 4/14/15