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I see grass flowing in the wind
Bare feet dancing among it
Dandelion tufts borne aloft
On a comforting summer breeze
I see our pretty young dancing girl
In a plain dress
One not so glamorous because she is poor
Riding in the back of a truck
An old red Chevy
Like the one my dad had
When I was a kid
Picking at a dandelion
She plucked from the field
She was just dancing in
As she bumps along
Down the lonesome old dirt road
Dreaming her dream
He loves me, he loves me not
Dreaming of being loved
Hoping that it will take away the pain
Of not being loved
I see my youthful dreams
My childhood on the hillsides
Of the little town near the Buttes
Home Sweet Home
Climbing trees and catching lizards
Fighting invisible 'Indians' with my brother
Oh, the beauty of youth
Of a heart unspoiled by the tragedies of life
In this fallen world
Dreams unending with no barriers
Hope to create a better future
But my Abba has an even better plan
To make all the pain mean something
To wrap up all the lessons of wisdom
Hidden in a life of mistakes and sin
And make something glorious with it
To heal all the pain
To reveal his Son in me
And launch me as a perfect weapon
Against a fortress of lies
That bind and hinder his creation
An army of beautiful children
Temporarily lost
Now returned to the God they once knew
As a hope-filled wide-eyed child
That Beautiful One
Who sent them into this dark world
With a plan to let them be hurt
Only to be restored and made holy
So that they could be shaped
Into the image of His Son
Burning Ones to terrify the dark host
The Lion of Judah in their hearts
Roaring in defense of his creation
Jealous over that which is his own
Making a Bride for himself
Out of so many hurting children
Like the sweet girl in the truck
Like you
Like me

Stephen Pursell, 9/21/15