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There Is A Way

It looks bad right now
Feels bad too
As bad as it ever has
Probably worse
I am tired
I’m beat up and sore and angry
I wish I had and it as good as Job
Nine months of suffering?
If only I had and it so good!!
We are talking decades here!!
But that is not the point
There is something beyond
A plan way bigger than that
I am a work in progress
Someone has me in his hands
Someone vast and beautiful
Someone timeless and infinite
A Master artist, a dreamer
A Maker of impossible dreams
Who knows how to shape a tool
Turning a jar on the wheel
Pounding a sword on the anvil
Someone with limitless vision
Someone with an eternal plan
He knows what he is doing
And I am and extension of him
All this is necessary
It doesn’t matter how much I hate it
All will be used in the end
To do something bold and daring
Glorious and eternal in scope
To stun all who will learn of it
In heaven and in earth
And bring glory to the King
These things require preparation
Arduous training, fine tuning
Hot refining fire
Yes, there is a Way
Through this valley dark
He is the Way
The One I know
The Master who has led me
Through many valleys before
I am ever learning
To know him and his ways

He is faithful and true
Always victorious
Brilliant in vision
Always right
And beautiful to the end
Mighty God!!
Worthy to be praised!!

Stephen Pursell,  5/4/15