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I have an old friend
So dear to me
Ever golden in the desert sun
She lives far away now
Across mountain ranges
Over grassy flatlands
Through the woods
She and her beautiful offspring
Their horses and goats
In a beautiful place
Where the Eagle soars
How happy am I
For how I have loved my friend
Always treasured her memory
From when we were young
When I dreamed she would choose me
It's fine, that was then...
But ever is she dear to me
Through hard years have I carried her
Navigating dark waters
She, tucked away in my heart
When the valleys were so low
Always in me somewhere
Maybe not in the forefront of my thoughts
But ever with me, precious in my sight
And when hope glimmered anew
I searched to find my friend
Rejoicing to find her well
And she thought to visit me
Caring for the pain of my journey
But all was not well
For she was not adequately honored
Her husband was not her equal
My friend was in need
I lost her again
But then heaven spoke
And again I searched
Again to find
But still the need
To prayer, to prayer:
"Father, my friend, my friend..."
I, so imperfect
In my fumbling ways
Seeking to serve
Wanting to help
And praying, praying
But there is One who is faithful
A Father who loves her so deeply
Who calls her children precious
Who watches and provides
And now:
There is much life
Hope anew, vision, a home
A nest for the youngsters
Hay for the horses
And more life
For a special friend
One so dear to my heart
Father, thank you
For chances to serve
For forgiveness and understanding
For a lifelong friend
A jewel in my crown

Stephen Pursell, 3/25/14