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Thief In The Night

Brother, I have watched you awhile now
Steadily, closely, and long
You know that I know you well
You think you are a true man
But God gives me eyes that see
They see past all that you put forth
And I gaze on the pool of the heart
Brother, I know you are in trouble
I see it as plainly as day
A storm gathers and you are unready
I have tried to warn you of it betimes
And you have rejected the word
I'm not the only one who has told you
I know this for I know my God
He is faithful and patient and consistent
He would not have sent me alone
So I know you have heard it from others
But their voices too you avoid
This storm is not one you can escape
Except by submission to God
And when he is the One who warns you
How can you be safe at all?
When you just choose to turn away?
Yet you bury your head in the sand?
The storm clouds gather steadily
For all who are watching with truth
And when you have chosen this deafness
And hardened your heart to the call
How can you be ready for God's hand
When he comes like thief in the night?

Stephen Pursell, 11/17/14