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The Way

This is the way
You are the Way
It is your very self
Alone, here with you in silence
Your breath kisses the pines overhead
Your warmth shining down
You are here
I remember the desert fathers
Abraham out under the stars every night
Moses alone with you for 40 years
Let this be my path too
Alone with the God of the ancients
Listening to you
Talking with you
Being your son
It's all I want
To talk with your and be yours
My Father's son
My Savior's brother
Fill me, use me, know me
Like a man knows his wife
Covering me, entering me
Fulfilling my every true desire
Speak to me, your servant listens
Oh, just to be with you
To know you this way
To be found in you, one with you
Abandoned to you
Wholly yours, yours and none other's
Committed, consecrated
Covenanted to you
So I come to you
Giving myself to you
All I have to offer
Nothing withheld
Nothing hidden
Determined to be yielded
Choosing to scorn the shame
No matter the pain
No matter the fearsomeness of the path
No matter how humble
Take this life
Do with me as you please
This is truly the way
Come, Lord, Mighty God
In all your indescribable beauty
Whisper to me again
Breathe on me again
Let me know your nearness
The sweetness of your breath
Your kind words over me
You are my portion
You are my heart's desire
To know you
Father, my Father
All the fullness of your Glory
Unfolding forever before me
In ever deepening splendor
As You reveal yourself more
Intimately, every day
Until the days are no more
And then on into eternity
This is the way for me

Stephen Pursell, 7/2/14