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The Head

Dear sister
I know that you are precious
Your worth is inestimable
I know you're lonely
I know you want a good man
I am glad you know your King
Believing him to provide you a good husband
But perfect men do not exist
They will, it's true, in the future
But not for awhile yet
The sons of God will emerge
Walking in holiness
Shining like the sun
But this is not that day
It is yet to come
And today you must accept what is
If you are to marry anytime soon
It will not be to a perfect man
I will be, yes, even in this life
It was shown to me as a boy
It was further revealed as a younger man
It is confirmed by the mouth of a prophet
But this is not that day
Today we are where we are
And you do not have to want me
But you do need to know
That at some point
You are going to have to let go
Lay down your notions
Die to your perception of manhood
And receive an imperfect man
I do not ask you to compromise truth
I seek not to crush your hope
But I do seek to give you wisdom
To help bring you peace
For you do indeed need a covering
A safe place with a real man
But to receive that
You must embrace your own role
"It is not good for man to be alone
I will make for him a power to face him"
A partner to a leader
Your fulfillment and power is in helping
You are hard-wired to partner, brilliantly
To challenge unto life
But also to follow
In submission is your strength and safety
In yielding to a greater strength
A strength that has moments of perfection
From One who is perfect is within
But do not look for total perfection
Packing him into your box
For a man is something you do not understand
Who but God knows the things within?
The secrets bound up in the chest of a man?
They are treasure for you to mine out
But do not look for them on his sleeve
For marriage is a mystery
A treasure chest to be unlocked
The gems inspected one by one
And for this
You will have to learn to trust
Hiding in the One who is always perfect
And leaving room for the one who is not
At least not yet
One laying down his life for you
Albeit imperfectly
For you do not know what he carries
His forehead hard against the battle
It is men called to the front line of the war
Honor this
It will speak well of you as a woman
Do not assume that you know
But in quietness and humility
In trust without presumption
You will find your rest
For wrestling to find perfection in a man
Is an unbearable burden for you
You cannot carry it
There is one whose broader shoulders
Were designed in heaven long ago
To serve you in imperfection
Let him lead you
And know the safety
For which you so deeply yearn

Stephen Pursell, 4/4/14