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Simple Things

Simple things
A touch, an embrace, a kiss
Her head on my chest as she sleeps
Her arm across my midriff
Cooking for her, rubbing her feet
Praying for her
My man's heart yearns to give to her
Words of praise, words of blessing
Where is she?
This one I have sought so long
This friend, this lover
She is well, she is in his hands
She may not feel happy today
She may still carry pain
But she is well for he is faithful
Thank you, Father
That you hold this one so near you
Touch her, I pray, with your presence
Enfold her in your beauty
Let her know her great value to you
Whisper to her
Tell her of your love
Your unswerving devotion to her
Show her your plan
Open for her the treasures of wisdom
Kiss her with the kisses of your mouth
Encompass her with angels
And friends who know you well
Establish her
And ready me
Stretch me, sharpen me
Grow me, deepen me
Make me a fit head to her
A leader she can respect
One she can trust
Give me the secrets to her heart
Teach me how to bless her
Show me how to pray for her
The way she deserves
As a bride adored
Loved, covered, protected
For surely she is a crown to me
The helpmeet you made for me
Whom you will entrust to me to love
For whom to lay down my life
For so you would have it
Show me, teach me
I want to learn, I need to know
Lest I miss this precious gift
This love
These moments, these kisses
This blessed embrace
This union I long for
Of you, in you, for you
And for her
Simple things
Give me a chance to do this
She deserves it from me
And I am willing to give
For you have said it
She is of such great worth
More than many fine rubies

Stephen Pursell, 2/14