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New Friend

What a gift is a friend
Someone to know me
A voice that has a journey behind it
One of depth and beauty
Does she get it completely?
I think she might
Each path has its uniqueness
But some overlap
Dovetailing enough to open the heart
Does she know me?
Clearly some, but is it enough?
Time will tell
Could the common ground anchor us?
Can the shared part unite?
Take root and hold fast?
More importantly: does Father will it?
Ever I have sought to be understood
That deep yearning
To know and be known
Seen, accepted, embraced
Forgiven of past and temporary failings
Treasured for the real and eternal
And how I long to return it
To pour out the cup
As readily as I am willing to drink of it
Father, thank you for a new friend
A sister first and forever
And perhaps a lover
A bird of a feather
Another swan
Flying away from the lies
That we were ever ugly ducklings
Another beautiful broken heart
Alive in you
Rising from the ashes
Embracing the light
Bless this woman, Abba
Open the treasures of wisdom and knowledge
Flood her spirit with grace
Deepen her already considerable beauty
Establish her
Stretch out her tent pegs
Open her mouth wide and fill it
That she would know you!
To live ever awash in the glory of who you are
Lover and beloved
Flying in the river of your beauty
Walking on the clouds of your peace
Swimming in the bedrock of your reality
Open before her your vision for her
The dazzling display of a destiny in you
The plan you have ever held for her
From before the foundations of the earth
The fullness of that indescribable glory:
Oneness with her King
Another son to you
Only this one: a beautiful daughter
Clothed in the sun
Radiating your terrific brilliance
Bringing your kingdom in the earth
Preparing to be wed to the Master

Stephen Pursell, 4/3/14