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I Love Him

In my heart I dance with my friend
Jesus, my Savior
My King and my God
I frolic like a child with my Master
Hand in hand, wind in our hair

Come if you want
Follow if you want
Wallow if you want
Though how can some choose that?
What a tragedy to reject life sublime

But as for me
I will be free
My Savior and me

Oh that I may share his burdens
That I may also dance with him in the light

Naked and ashamed I came, and bleeding
Yet he touched me with his tender care
My Risen Redeemer, my Conquering King
Would that I had been there
Would to have helped with Simon of Cyrene
To bear the cross
What a privilege
To help carry the burden
To share in his sufferings
To know his pain
Ah, this is love
This is what you are looking for

Stephen Pursell,
begun: around '03,
completed: 3/21/14