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Like You

Father, help me
Hear my heart's cry to love
Give me patience
Help me look past the little things
Help me see what you see
The heart, the true person
I know I fail
I know I can be hard at times
Soften me, change me
I want to be like you
Full of love, full of compassion
Do whatever it takes
Hurt me if you have to
Turn me on the potter's wheel
Mold me, shape me
You in me, take over
You bought me, you have the right
I give myself to you again
More surrender, Lord
This is my cry
You know me
You know how I long to love
Make it so
Fill me up, pour me out
Use my life
To bless, to heal
To reveal you in the earth
I am yours for the taking
So do not pass me by
Have mercy on me, son of David
You are my one desire
To be like you
What else could I want so much?
You are the Most Beautiful of all
Oh, to be like you!
Live in me, shine through me
Have your way
It's all I want
To be like you

Stephen Pursell, 2/25/14