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Last Days

Oh, to live now!
In these times, in the last days
To see You as none ever have
The fullness of times
Such glory revealed
The wonder of it
Amidst the darkest days
When hell is poured out on the earth
You arise!
Glory indescribable
Raising up sons
Trampling the enemy
Doing great exploits
Saving the world
And giving it back to you
Our King!
Who is like you?!
Ever Holy, Worthy and Magnificent
Shining like a hundred trillion suns
Coming in your sons
Preserving a bride for yourself
Without spot or wrinkle
Walking in the fullness of holiness
Fullness of Christlikeness
Taking dominion
Crushing all sin, sickness and death
Terrifying the enemy
Ushering in your kingdom
Standing in anticipation
Looking to the sky
Eager to present a gift to You:
An earth reclaimed for You
Come Lord Jesus!
Receive your earth! 
Receive us!
It's all for you! 
Who is like you?!
Hail the Conquering King!

Stephen Pursell, 6/5/14