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King Of Glory

Oh, how do I say what you have shown me?
Me in my anger, in my disappointment in you
And you in your mercy
Your beauty enveloping me
I on the verge of death in my fallenness
And you revealing yourself as never before
I am so unworthy
The Glory of your face
Almost featureless in its brilliance
Your whole being alight
In staggering splendor
How can I but desire you?
To be one with you no matter the cost
I am rapt in your indescribable beauty
How can I but love you?
You are all I want
You alone are captain of my heart
Take my life
Use it as you please
There is no cost too great
To know you better
I thank you of every wound
Suffered in your service
That was helped buy this closeness with you
Truly you have ravished my heart
You are my Treasure Buried in a Field
You are my Pearl of Great Price
No price is too great
To know these moments with you
I ask you for more
No matter the pain
You are worth it
Thank you for the lonely moments
The fists in my face
The boots in my ears
The handcuffs and bars
Every wound for your glory
May I bring you more glory that way
That you would show me more of it
Thank you, King of Glory
The One with eyes like fire
How you shine
Your radiance so immeasurable
That is what I want!
Make me like you!
Full of your Glory, shining like you
Full of your Light
Loving a lost world like you
Vesseling your Glory into creation
King of Glory
You have visited me
And I am awed
In wonder beyond description
How great is my God
So full of holy fire and light
Light that pales the sun
Love beyond the most daring hopes
Let me know you
Let me be your best friend
I worship you
Mighty King of Glory

Stephen Pursell (8/13/14), the indescribably
glorious visitation from the Lord that inspired
this poem was similar in ways to another
prophetic experience:
King On His Throne/Army Of Light, 6/7/14