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Desert Dove

Eyes like the night
Dark and deep
Soft and expressive
Gentle and open
See how she shines
Beauty to long for
The kind that moves me
Down in the belly
Where desire lives
Wholesome, not lustful
Respectful but real
Powerful and heartfelt
Desire to know
Desire to experience
Desire to touch

Lord, who is this woman?
Will you give me the keys?
Will you show me her heart?
Will you let me near it?

Any fool would want her beauty
But I seek the rest
Who is she, way down deep?
Where she allows only the trusted
Where few have touched her
Maybe none
Who is she there?
Will you show me?
Will you let me?
Will she?

What is the combination to her safe?
Who will receive it?
Who will receive her?
All of her
As partner, friend, and lover
I am asking
I want to know
I am willing to love her
To give her that part
The one set aside for a wife
That part only she can have
My Eve
My missing rib
The One made for me
From the foundations of the earth
Before a breeze ever kissed a cheek
Before a bridegroom gave himself to his bride

I am willing to love this woman
Like thunder
With power she has not imagined
Like the sun
With terrific brilliance
Like the waves
With consistency and beauty
This dove of the desert
Lovely lady of the east
Raven-eyed princess of Jordan
Set aside for someone
Is it I?

Stephen Pursell,  2/27/14