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Lion's Roar

Can you imagine how it must have looked?
Can we even fathom such a fearsome sight?
The Lion of Judah, aglow with holy rage
Ripping into hell with a shout
Moving outside of his body
Now able to reclaim the keys
The moment he had labored for
Hell's minions scream in terror
I AM has arrived to reclaim the authority
Oh, can't you see it!
"I am he" had leveled them at Gethsemane
But after the cross: even more authority
The Adversary cringes and grovels
Humiliated before his officers
He coughs up the keys without a fight
Eviscerated with one blast from Jesus' mouth
Hallelujah! What a Warrior!
Don't you see it!  It was the best of tricks!
It was the only way
In dying he feigned defeat
And went into hell to claim what was lost
The Master General
The ultimate Black Ops move
An advance on enemy territory
Now is all authority in heaven and earth
In the hands of the Lion!
Rise up church, a Lion roars within you!
Hallelujah to Yeshua, King of Glory
Lion of Judah, we praise you
As you lead the charge on hell's gates!

Stephen Pursell, 5/09