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Let Them Live

Like families on holidays
Dandelions in the wind
Pigtails and sundresses
Simple things
Sticky cheeks and smiles
The joy of watching children grow
So live, so live!
Life is for the brave
A daring leap of Joy
To touch the Immutable
And spring into His hand
It was bought for you
Life abundant
You don't only have one life
You have two
But only this short one to deposit
On the one that will never end
So spend this one well
Spend it abundantly
He deserves it
He bought it for you
And you can only spend
That which you will receive
So open wide your mouth
That he may fill it
Dance into the Light
Children of Joy
Live and be fulfilled
And thereby give Him this gift
Fulfill his dream for you

-Stephen Pursell, 4/09