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Hungry For Life

Don't you wish you could save the children?
Go to the dumps of Bogota, Calcutta, Manila
The ghettos of Sao Paulo, New Delhi, Mexico City
Get down on your knees in the filth
Dirty some very nice clothes for them
Show them that it's they who matter
Hug them, kiss them, sing to them
Wipe their little hands and faces
And feed them

I wish I could take them all home
Give them their own beds and clothes
Tuck them in and tell them of Jesus
Feed them, feed them

I'd pay a million dollars
To wear a ten thousand dollar suit
So I could get it dirty just to hold them
And feed them, feed them

These priceless little souls
Most precious of all God's creatures
So special, so perfect

Who will go to them?
Who will dry their tears?
Who will show them Jesus?
Who will toss them in the air and thrill them?
Who will take them home to safety?
And feed them, feed them, feed them

Stephen Pursell, 5/09