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Fulfilled Then Abolished

I wish there were no laws
Don't you? Do you see it?
Nothing to oppress with
No tool to punish with
Nothing to do but forgive
No bony finger to wave in accusation
Only grace
It is the Word of God
That laws empower sin
But oh, the mercy!
The forgetfulness of the cross!
What freedom!
That on Golgotha
In the dying flesh of the Lamb
Laws were abolished
Forever disempowered, hallelujah!
Don't you want to live it?
It is his promise, you know
The Kingdom within
The one prophesied for millennia
A Kingdom of peace
Of healing, forgiveness and love
Not 'there', not 'here'
Within you!
And thus, through you
And finally even without you
All around you
Only Love
But only without laws
Those dead facsimilies of righteousness
Those empty copies
Counterfeits of truth
But oh, in Christ there is Truth!
And Love!
Against which no law can stand
I'll leave the laws...
Will you?
I love you!
But what will you love?
Laws or Love?

Stephen Pursell, 4/09