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Did you ever see Seabiscuit run?
The way he would downshift and floor it?
Then off he went
Cutting through the holes
Kicking up dirt
Blinding the other horses
All the way from the back
Out to the front in the end
Did you know that is who you are?
A winner
More than a conqueror
God is for you
Who can be against you?
All things are yours in Christ
Your big brother, Jesus, is champion
He has blazed a trail for you
All you have to do is follow
He, within you, will win again
Charting these virgin waters
Finding that unique path: yours
You win, every time
That is what Calvary bought
An eternity of victories
Endless trips to the Winner's Circle
Glory to glory
This he bought for you
What a Savior, what a plan
The Sun of Man is your brother
You too, a son of God
Rise up!
Receive the impossible dream!
To reveal God in the earth
The special brand of glory in you alone
Christ in you, the Hope of Glory

Stephen Pursell, 4/09