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Awaken The Dawn

It's beautiful there
I've been so many times
But he always sends me back
It's so pristine
Forests, rivers, snow-capped peaks
And always peace, only peace
Nothing tainted, all complete
How shall I describe it?
If you have never been there
Then how could you understand?
Only purity there
The Father's Land!
No sin there
Only simplicity, only perfection
It's like this:
If you saw a picture of it
You might think it was Earth
And it is...
But it isn't!
It's the next Earth!
The one yet unveiled!
Oh Hallelujah!!
If only you knew!!
But you want to, don't you?
He is so beautiful!
Oh, I love You, Lord!
My Glory!
Lifter of my head!
Bright Morning Star!
Lily of the Valley!
Rose of Sharon!
How Majestic You are!
Praise him, Earth
Praise him Children of Light!
Praise him  like never before
Praise him
For the new thing he brings!

Stephen Pursell, 4/09