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Pearls Of Great Price

I know he made me for you
Perhaps me made you out of me
You fit me, I fit you
You move me
Yet I do not even know you
Or do I, do we?
I think about you, I wonder
I try to pray for you
I wonder if you pray for me
My name means garland
But I am missing my crown
Or one of them anyway
The one I long to touch
I've ached that we would have children
How many poems have I written
Over the years, groping for love?
Feeling abandoned, passed over
Unseen, unwanted
I love you
I have so much for you
Fifteen years ago I wrote to you
"Harvest My Heart" it was called
Ripe now...or overgrown with weeds?
He knows, He knows
Forgive me if I have failed you
I have beaten your husband brutally
Unable to receive love, restless
Tired, angry, lonely
Do I wish for you or you for me?
We are both worth it, this I know
Someday, I have to believe
We will find each other

Stephen Pursell, 1/29/06