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Love Beyond Steel

Tender words, a loving touch
The softness of your skin
The brushing of your hair on mine
My love, I remember you
The locks snap
Steel holds me from you
But in my heart you are with me
No time or space can hold you from me
Within I hold you
No distance and no fence
No razor wire or gun tower
Nothing can keep you from my heart
You are a gift to me
How could I but thank God for you
And thank you for your love
You help complete me
Your very existence helps fulfill me
Tell me your dreams l love
How can I help fulfill them?
Speak to me of children we will bear
When I touch you
We will make them together
These are my words, my heart, my spirit
But do they stand the test?
Are there words to say how I cherish you?
My partner, my lover, my friend
I will always be captivated by your beauty
Within and without, how you shine
Like the sun it all its brilliance
Wait for me as I remember you

Stephen Pursell, 1/28/06