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Alive But In Hell

What do I do , Lord?
How do I cry out?
Aren't you the One who saves me?
I remember it
You did it
What happened?
I love you, I reach for you
But, yes, I hear you
You do speak, I remember, it helps
But why Lord, it's too much
Are you being just?
Surely I have not sown all this
You, my Redeemer, are righteous
I cry out, I roll in my pain
You're there, Lord
I know you can save me
Around me, it seems there are lions
At times they seem boys
At times, great dragons
I fear, I confess, I pray your name
Be mighty, come fly to my aid
Mighty One, Victor, my Savior
I praise you, I know you are here
Around me, within me, above me
Beneath me, in hell, you are here
I praise you, for you will deliver
I bow down, I worship my King
"I shall not die but live
And proclaim the works of the Lord"

Stephen Pursell, 1/29/06